So many good things.

First the fabulous news. My charging cords arrived from Amazon a few days ago, yaaay! And they actually work which is a super bonus. Ok, two out of three of them work. One doesn’t even have the right connector on the end but I’m still considering myself ahead of the game here. Sometimes you just have to take your wins where you can get them.

I have taken over the first page of Google! The search term “Stephanie Marks writer” now shows this fabulous website along with my twitter feed all over the first page. And almost more mind blowing to me is that when you Google “Stephanie Marks” my website is on page three of Google. My name is surprisingly almost as common as “John Smith”, so to come up at all in search results let alone so quickly feels like a true accomplishment.

I’m back to editing, which feels absolutely wonderful. I feel so responsible and productive. I’m about half way into this run through and I actually feel like I’m actually getting things done.

Now for the not so cool.

Oh my gawd editing suuuuucks.

I always knew that editing is the “hard” part of writing, but this is ureal. No matter how frustrated you get with the original creation it has nothing on the frustration you feel when doing your edits.

I love my story. But crawling through the pages scrutinizing every sngle word, line and turn of phrase is SO not the fun part.

Thank god for my new found Spotify addiction. Nothing gets you through hours upon hours of editing like a super upbeat soundtrack to keep your energy high. It was hard deciding which song to spotlight for Writer Radio this week but in the end it came down to…

Baauer – “Harlem Shake”

Sorry people. Don’t hate me, but this is happening. Just accept it.


Well, it’s finally happened. My charging cord is so far gone that my tablet is basically a $700 paper weight. For those of you that don’t know I do all of my writing on an Asus Transformer Infinity, and he is one sexy beast. Sleek, light weight, and the keyboard dock means that I can write for 10 hours straight on it of I’m so inclined because it is SO comfortable. AND the charge actually lasts that long.

On the OTHER hand. Asus decided that the perfect match for this beautiful piece of tech is a stupid cheap charging cord that now no longer charges my tablet. My sweet sweet tablet that I do so much work on. So thanks Asus. Thanks a lot.

Now you’re probably wondering, what the big deal is here. Why not just go out and buy another cord? Well first of all because of the proprietary connector it means that I have to order a new cord directly from Asus which will take FOREVER, and will still just be a stupid, cheap, die at any moment cord. And secondly, because the no name brand cords that you can buy on Amazon tend to not work! The tablet needs a super high charge and most of the no name chargers can’t handle it.

After a ton of research (aka reading 50 thousand Amazon reviews) I finally settled on 2 different cords to order. They should get here in a few days and I’m praying that they will do the trick.

In case you’re wondering, I’m writing this post from the WordPress app on my iPhone. Thank goodness for an easy blog posting back up solution! But it will be really nice to get back to working on my tablet again.

Ahh, winter in Canada. Is there anything more painfully complex than the feeling that washes over you as you look out your frosty window onto the snow covered tundra and admire it’s glittering beauty… until exactly 0.036 seconds later you realize that you’re expected to leave your cozy house and actually go OUT in that!? Haha! Not if you paid me suckas. There’s got to be a good three feet of snow out there. Not on your LIFE!

This poor blog has been feeling a bit neglected as I got down to the serious business of hacking and slashing my manuscript, but it will all be worth that stabbing pain of abandonment.

People tried to warn me that the editing was the hard part, but did I listen? No, no I did not.