Now, on my blog I have a tendency to assume that my readers are women. Don’t get me wrong, I know that guys read romance as well, and that’s AWESOME. I believe that more guys should read romance, or at least admit to us that they do so we know they are out there and we can share our favorite books with them. But my first assumption is always that I’m speaking to other women on this blog…

Well wasn’t I just shown how wrong I was today!  Today I stumbled across a couple of male readers! Yaaaaaay! And  I figure, where there are two maybe there are more. 

So I wanted to extend a special “Hiya!” to all of the guys out there that are reading my books. You guys rock! 

Welcome to Silverlake City! 

The story you’ve all been waiting for! Craved by the Highland Wolf, Book 3 in the Clan MacGregor series is out now!

Woo hoo!


Tension between the members of the MacGregor clan are high as the threat of war rises on the horizon.

With Allina still in hiding, Alastair and Glenna must choose wisely whom to trust in order to bring peace to their clan and prepare for battle. With the MacGregor’s secret now revealed the wolf pack faces real danger from the other clans in the highlands for the first time in centuries.

Now rivalries and mistrust must be put aside so that the MacGregor’s can ensure their survival against the greatest threat they have ever faced.


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Hello hello!

Oh my god I’m EXHAUSTED! Book 3 is done!!! WOOOOO!

I know, I KNOW, I can hardly believe it. You guys have been waiting for so long. It was a hard book to write but all of your messages telling me how much you love the series was so encouraging!

The book should be published by this weekend. I’m losing my  freaking mind! I can’t believe it you guys, the conclusion of the Clan MacGregor series is finally here!

July was a really tough month for me. Many changes, challenges and things to juggle while still working on the final book in the Clan MacGregor series.

It’s breaking my heart that it’s taking so much longer than expected, but all I can do is forge ahead and get it written.

Today I needed something to cheer me up and came across this great video from writer Jenna Moreci. I love that it pretty much perfectly sums up writer life as I know it.

So here it is, The Nine Weird Habits of Writers…