Taken by the Highland Wolf is out now for Kindle!


After finally convincing her father, chief Cameron Gordon, to allow her to stay with her true love, the fearsome highland chief Alastair MacGregor, Glenna Gordon must now face a new challenge. She and Alastair must find a way to convince the MacGregor clan to allow them to marry, even though she does not have the one trait demanded of any woman that would be his wife. The blood of the wolf. Now, living deep in the heart of the MacGregor lands, as she fights to be accepted by his people, Glenna Gordon finds herself once again surrounded by death and treachery as murder sweeps its way through Glen Lyon. 
Now, after centuries of hiding their true nature from the people around them, the MacGregor clan runs the risk of their wolf curse finally being exposed. With everything they hold dear now hanging in the balance, Glenna and Alastair must decide just how far they are willing to go in order to ensure the safety of the clan and the commitment to their love.

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