Title: Blood and Hunger
Series: The Vanessa Kensley Series #1
Published by: Red Dagger
Release Date: September 8, 2015
Contributors: Stephanie Marks
Pages: 331
ISBN13: 978-0-9940667-0-1
ASIN: B01550JN2K

Having to feed off of sexual energy to survive is all fun and games until someone loses their head...

Something sinister is hunting the streets of Silverlake City and no one is safe, especially when the police don't have a single lead. But Vanessa doesn't have time to worry about serial killers on the news. Being a Succubus means she has her own problems to deal with... and secrets to hide. At least she did, until it started to look like she might be the killer's next target. 

Drawn deep into the shadows of Silverlake City, Vanessa finds herself in a world where she no longer has to hide what she is, and the vampires become the family that she never thought she would have. But a twisted force threatens to expose their world with a need for death and power, tearing apart the family that she only just found. 

Now it's up to her and the Silverlake Coven to put an end to all of the savage killings going on in the city before the darkness closes in around them. And Vanessa must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to save herself and those she has come to love.

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