Title: Sanguine Moon
Series: The Vanessa Kensley Series #2
Published by: Red Dagger
Release Date: October 4, 206
Contributors: Stephanie Marks
Pages: 365
ISBN13: 978-0-9940667-3-2

With a murderous faction leader on the loose and werewolves being kidnapped in the night, death and betrayal are never far from Vanessa's side. As part of the Silverlake Coven Task Force, it's her job to hunt down and dispose of the vampires that threaten the safety of their world. But as the Renegades gain more followers, the harder it has become to keep control.

Now, desperate times call for tenuous alliances, and the Task Force must come together with the Silverlake Wolf Pack in order to bring down the Renegades, before the paranormal community erupts into an uncontainable civil war.

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