Highland Promise

A single moment was all it took for Catriona Drummond’s reputation to be shattered beyond repair. Now there is nothing that can save her from being forced to marry the single most disagreeable man in the Highlands. While Laird Liam MacDonnell may have the devastating good looks of the heroes she grew up dreaming of, he is little more than a heartless brute. So why can she not stop thinking about the way it felt when he held her? And why does she want so badly for him to let her into his untouchable heart?

Laird Liam MacDonnell knows there isn’t a woman alive who can be trusted – lying, calculating schemers, all of them. Especially when they’re as beautiful as the angelic faced Catriona Drummond. He swore never to marry again, but when his only choices are to wed or go to war, he must say “I do” to keep the peace.
Though Liam knows Catriona could be the downfall of all he holds dear, Liam cannot deny his growing desire to make her his wife in more than name alone.

Even as they struggle against the attraction that burns between them, long-hidden secrets come to light, and Liam and Catriona discover that they are pawns in a dangerous game. And when the sins of the past come knocking, the only thing stronger than revenge… is love.