My Favorite Vampires – Klaus Mikaelson

Whooooooah! Chill out shadow babies, I know what you’re about to say. “Steph, are you crazy? Klaus isn’t a vampire he’s a HYBRID!”

I know, I know, no need to shout. Klaus is a hybrid, and I’m not about to deny that. But he’s HALF vampire. And when he looks this good…

 Klaus Mikaelson 
are you sure you want to argue about it, or do you just want lots more Klaus?

Hahaha, that’s what I thought. More Klaus it is!


Who is he?: Klaus Mikaelson

Where to find him: Vampire Diaries/ The Originals

Why I love him? Oh let me count the ways.

Klaus is complex. Like, CRAZY complex. In the Vampire Diaries universe, he is one of the original vampires. As in, one of the very first vampires in all of creation. So he is OLD, rich, and pretty much indestructible. He also has one of the most deep seeded cases of daddy issues I have ever seen. Ok, he has siblings and they all have daddy issues but he has even more reason for it. But, more on that some other time. The point is, family means everything to him. For him it’s about family loyalty above all, even if he does twist his ideals in some pretty messed up ways.

 The Mikaelsons 
The family that plays together…

 Rebekah Mikaelson 
Will probably end up pissing him off some how, staked, and carted around in a box for a few decades of “time out”. But only because he loves them so much and they just keep on disappointing him. Poor guy.

He is arrogant. Ridiculously, painfully arrogant. But he kind of has reason to be, and somehow he pulls off all that attitude really REALLY well.

 Klaus Mikaelson 
But all of that violence, arrogance, and recklessness is really just the symptom of a person that has spent centuries just trying to be loved.

 Klause Mikaelson 
Awww, he looks so sad.

Klaus Mikaelson is a complete and utter monster that destroys the lives of everyone around him in a regular basis, but has a depth to him that does not make him a caricature of a “villain”. His history and motivations allow you to empathize with him and fall for his charm even when every smart part of you is screaming, “No, no, no, don’t do it!”

 Klause Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes 
Look at her face. That girl doesn’t believe a single word that’s coming out of her own mouth right now. She’s half in love already.

Klaus is one of my favorite vampires because when you watch him he makes you feel ALL the emotions. Anger, annoyance, disgust, pity, sorrow, lust. Klaus is the kind of character that gives you emotional whiplash but when watching the show you love every second of it.

Plus, look at those eyes!

 Klaus Mikaelson 
 Klaus Mikaelson 
And that smile just promises all kinds of trouble.

 Klaus Mikaelson 
So how about you? Have you watched either Vampire Diaries or The Originals? On a scale of 1-10 where does your love for Klaus fall?

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