Happy Thanksgiving, Darlings!


While Canadian Thanksgiving was back in October, I hear you crazy people are getting your turkey and pie on TODAY! So I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for my readers. I couldn’t do this without you guys. Thank you for your encouragement, support and enthusiasm. I hope you all have a warm and wonderful day.

P.S. Please send pie…


*Bob Dylan, backstage at Leicester’s De Montfort Hall in 1965 CREDIT: REX FEATURES

Ummm, say what now?  Hold on sorry, you’re breaking up, I don’t think I heard that right. One sec…

*adjusts volume*

Ok now say that again. Because I’m sorry, I could have sworn you just said the Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature, but we all know that can’t be right. *uneasy laughter*.

YUP! That’s pretty much how every writer I’ve spoken to today seems to have first reacted when they heard the news that, SINGER SONGWRITER Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. And I gotta tell ya, know matter how many times I write it, say it, or cry it while rocking myself in the shower, it just doesn’t get any easier to hear.

Now please, PLEASE don’t get me wrong. The man is unbelievably talented.  That’s why his music is in the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has won Golden Globes AND Academy Awards along with a laundry list of nominations and awards in music longer than my arm.

But no matter how talented the man is, this just doesn’t sit well with me. Yes Bob Dylan is a wonderful lyricist and wordsmith but his medium is music.

Writers have always gotten the short end of the artistic stick when it comes to recognition for our medium. Writing as an art form just isn’t seen as sexy the way musicians and actors are. And trust me, the uphill battle for respect has only gotten steeper over time, with a few booby traps thrown in for good measure. People seem to have this subconscious bias that because we all learn to write that being a writer isn’t anything special because hey, everyone can do it, and we all do it every single day. But not everyone can act or sing or play the guitar. It’s easier for people to SEE, understand and appreciate that kind of talent.

So in a world where it’s harder and harder for writers to earn any kind of respect, they go and give our highest award away to… not a writer. It just feels like a slap in the face. Like even the people that are supposed to be championing writers the hardest don’t even feel like we are worth are own awards. We aren’t sexy enough, hip enough, relevant enough for one of our own to be allowed the accolades that we work so hard to achieve.

The Nobel committee had an opportunity to honour a writer this year but chose a musician instead. In a time when reading is in such steep decline this just makes absolutely no sense to me. They made the wrong choice, and the literary community feels the sting of it.

It amazes me that my last blog post was almost two months ago. There’s so much going on around here these days. 

I have three books on the go so I want to get them finished and published ASAP.

I’m also trying to keep my wedding plans on track, but I’m thrilled to tell you all that I’ve found my wedding dress, YAY! And yes, it’s gorgeous. *swoon*

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in work that I forget to lift my head and say, “Yes, hello, I’m still here.” It’s such a grey cold Saturday in November here, it seemed like a good time to stop and say hello.

Now as soon as my computer is charged I’m hauling it downstairs to the cafe where I’m going to curl up with coffee and cake and throw myself back into these books.


Now, on my blog I have a tendency to assume that my readers are women. Don’t get me wrong, I know that guys read romance as well, and that’s AWESOME. I believe that more guys should read romance, or at least admit to us that they do so we know they are out there and we can share our favorite books with them. But my first assumption is always that I’m speaking to other women on this blog…

Well wasn’t I just shown how wrong I was today!  Today I stumbled across a couple of male readers! Yaaaaaay! And  I figure, where there are two maybe there are more. 

So I wanted to extend a special “Hiya!” to all of the guys out there that are reading my books. You guys rock! 

Welcome to Silverlake City! 

July was a really tough month for me. Many changes, challenges and things to juggle while still working on the final book in the Clan MacGregor series.

It’s breaking my heart that it’s taking so much longer than expected, but all I can do is forge ahead and get it written.

Today I needed something to cheer me up and came across this great video from writer Jenna Moreci. I love that it pretty much perfectly sums up writer life as I know it.

So here it is, The Nine Weird Habits of Writers…

So I am three quarters of the way through writing my latest book, Taken by the Highland Wolf, and I feel like things are coming along quite well. You know, until I have those moments of blind panic. Of course any writer can tell you that the feeling of zen you get when things are going well basically goes up in smoke at the first hint of writer’s block. That’s when the hyperventilating sets in. 

 The other night I was chatting with my good friend Amri Ackers about starting new projects. The excitement, the hope, the abject terror. All you can do is try to write the best story you can and then send your sweet baby off into the world, praying the whole time that people will want to be its friend.

I came across this gif and it pretty much completely sums up the emotional roller coaster that happens with every new book idea when you sit down to write it.

The real trick is figuring out how to get that voice to shut up long enough for you to get the story written. I’d like to believe the day will come when I will have learned how to silence that voice once and for all. But until that day comes, it’s all about forging ahead.

Today I sold my first book in Italy.

Every time a copy of something I write is sold in a brand new country, I get this renewed sense of wonder that this is all actually happening.

USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy. My books are making their way around the world and I’m so grateful. I’m grateful that somehow after all of these years I have the opportunity to start to live my dream.

The day I started this website with only a vague plan for my blog. The day I finished the first draft of my novel. The day my first short story was published. The day my first short story was SOLD. I want to capture these moments and hold them close to my heart. To look back on them in fondness and amazement years from now at how far I’ve come. 

These are the first steps down what I hope will be a very long writing path. And I’m so excited for the adventures I’ll have along the way.