Whenever you hear talk of writers a common theme is our supposed crippling self doubt.

You know, how writers take 12 hours with one hand poised over the keyboard and the other with a death grip on our overflowing tumbler of Scotch, as we painstakingly craft the perfect paragraph? Only to come back to those 8 sentences the next day, dump our entire computer in the trash and light the entire thing on fire. Because it’s crap I tell you! Crap!

Well let me make something perfectly clear. Some days, oh yes some beautiful days when the stars align in the heavens and a passing angel farts heaven’s grace upon our heads we find ourself slamming out 3,000 words in 3 hours, come back to it the next day, and do a victory dance that would make Sir Mix-a-Lot proud. Because somehow we got it right.


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