So I am three quarters of the way through writing my latest book, Taken by the Highland Wolf, and I feel like things are coming along quite well. You know, until I have those moments of blind panic. Of course any writer can tell you that the feeling of zen you get when things are going well basically goes up in smoke at the first hint of writer’s block. That’s when the hyperventilating sets in. 

 The other night I was chatting with my good friend Amri Ackers about starting new projects. The excitement, the hope, the abject terror. All you can do is try to write the best story you can and then send your sweet baby off into the world, praying the whole time that people will want to be its friend.

I came across this gif and it pretty much completely sums up the emotional roller coaster that happens with every new book idea when you sit down to write it.

The real trick is figuring out how to get that voice to shut up long enough for you to get the story written. I’d like to believe the day will come when I will have learned how to silence that voice once and for all. But until that day comes, it’s all about forging ahead.