Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been pretty much ignoring Hozier’s smash hit “Take Me to Church”. I don’t know why, I just haven’ t been super drawn to it. Then the other day I was listening to an acoustic playlist on Spotify (oh Spotify, my sweet sweet addiction), and heard an acoustic version of this song and just completely fell in love with it. The Spotify version is the best acoustic version I’ve found so far, it’s unbelievably rich and soulful.

I love sitting back in my desk chair and just thinking through my scenes while listening to it.

Hoosier – Take Me to Church

*BTW – Super stoked that I just figured out how to embed links from Spotify into my posts. WooHoo!

Oh wow, it’s been ages since I’ve done a Writer Radio post hasn’t it? I had to think for a bit this morning before I could decide on which song to share with you today.

Summer is here and the weather where I am is hot hot HOT. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to get away and enjoy the beaches yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking a break every now and then to have a one woman dance party.

So let’s kick off this week here at Stephanie Marks Books with a song to help remind us that even though it’s Monday morning, it’s still SUMMER!


I can’t believe that I haven’t done a Writer Radio post for this song yet. I first heard it a few months ago and have been a bit obsessed ever since. I wasn’t sure I actually liked it at first but the more I listened the more it got stuck in my head. Now I can be heard singing along to it at the top of my lungs.

This has become one of my go to songs to play right when I wake up and I’m struggling to get out of bed. It totally energizes me for the day.

Marina and the Diamonds – Froot

There I was in the middle of the night, working on my latest Stephanie Marks title, when this amazing song came on. I was roughly 30 seconds into this song before I decided to feature it on Writer Radio. Oh. My. God. 

 I honestly didn’t even care what this song was about. The moment he opened his mouth I was hooked. Sam Smith has the sexiest voice I’ve heard in ages.

Thankfully as the song went on I discovered that it was actually quite good as well, so that was a pleasant bonus. 

 So hear you are, for your daily eargasm…

 Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One



Well today I’m working on a story that I completely misjudged the length on, and it’s easily turning out to be double the length I thought it would. Yup, Hunting Crimson is a needy needy story, demanding all of my attention and refusing to let me get any other work done.

But as I typed away there was one song that was able to get me to ignore my keyboard and pick up my hairbrush microphone.

So here is Tove Lo – (Habits) Stay High


I love this song. It’s super simple and I was listening to it after I got some amazing news and was drinking wine, so strangely enough the song felt kind of… happy to me when I first heard it. Which I have to admit must have been due to circumstances above all. But I still want to share it with you.

Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This

This is a continuation of the Writer Radio “Real Thuggin” series.

Yes, I can hear you yelling, “Stephanie, what kind of convoluted play lists do you listen to!?”

Sometimes when I’m writing the most efficient way for me to get through my word count is with great hip hop beats. ¬†They just keep me energized like mad.

Ace Hood – Bugatti