I can’t believe we’re down to the last two days of Hot Guys in Kilts Week! The Clan MacGregor Book 2, Taken by the Highland Wolf will be out in two weeks. It’s so hard to believe!

Since we’re almost at the end, I thought we should get in as many as possible today. Have fun with your 3 for 1!


Well it’s Day 2 of Hot Guys in Kilts Week here at Stephanie Marks Books and I’m already getting requests for specific sexy Scots that people would like to see featured. I want you to know that your pleas have been heard.

So while I wait for this next episode of Outlander to load, I bring you the next hot guy in a kilt!


Since the months of May-July are all about The Clan MacGregor series around here, I’ve decided to call it #HighlanderSeason. Over the next two months we are going to enjoy all of the fun and fine flavors that Scotland has to offer. 

And yes, I do mean that we are going to be checking out a lot of hot guys.

This week I bring you, Hot Guys in Kilts! Every day I will be posting a picture of, well, a hot guy in a kilt! Enjoy!