Well today I’m working on a story that I completely misjudged the length on, and it’s easily turning out to be double the length I thought it would. Yup, Hunting Crimson is a needy needy story, demanding all of my attention and refusing to let me get any other work done.

But as I typed away there was one song that was able to get me to ignore my keyboard and pick up my hairbrush microphone.

So here is Tove Lo – (Habits) Stay High



Hidden Falls, the first short story in the Silverlake City Stories collection will be available for Amazon Kindle this week. I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving that cover.

About the Book:

All that Seline Michaelson needed was some time to get away from the city to clear her head. Staying with her cousin, she never expected to meet a man that could make her forget about her ex-boyfriend, until she met James.

But what started off as a simple vacation in the small mountain town of Hidden Falls, quickly became a lesson that would put everything she thought she knew about the world to the test. Because everything seems to grow bigger in the mountains, especially the wolves.