Every book I write has a soundtrack. And sometimes those soundtracks become musical obsessions that I put on repeat for days on end because they so perfectly represent the piece that I’m working on.

Right now I’m absolutely in love with the artist Halsey.  The raw emotions found in her Badlands album has really helped me to tap into the underlying feelings of my new main character.

A young witch that must shoulder the burden of centuries of great witches in her family that came before her. A duty to be the first line of defence to protect the world from tearing itself apart through magical means. To have to face so many expectations when all she wants is to be normal. To want to live her life quietly like everyone else, but to have her path be forged before she was even born. How hard must it be to feel like no matter how far you run or how deep you try to bury your nature, none of it is in your control, and eventually you must face what is coming?

As I write and uncover this story, this  song has become the personal anthem of Annalise.



Look up, look waaaaay up. Some of you may have noticed that there’s something funny looking about my page links. Who’s this Bella Davis woman and what is she doing taking up room on our beloved website??

Well, surprise! I’ve officially gone rogue. Sneaking around like a ninja and writing short stories in contemporary erotic romance (which will also be referred to as ‘erom’) while you weren’t looking. These stories have some graphic scenes and are definitely indended for a mature audience.

The first two books in the Billionaire Bad Boys series, Chasing Steele and Running Wilde are available on Amazon Kindle, and the third, Teasing Payne, will be available soon. Check out the series page in the Bella Davis Books drop down menu for more information on the stories. While you’re here, don’t forget to sign up for the BELLA DAVIS NEWSLETTER to get FREE excusive content.


The first of the Silverlake City short stories, Hidden Falls, is almost complete and will also be available soon, yay! Look for the cover reveal later this week. I love a good cover reveal, don’t you?

I am a novel writer down to my bones. There is something about the length of them that just speaks to me when I’m writing.  You can just fit in so much. So much detail, huge elaborate plots, twists and turns for days! And then you see something like this…

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.
– Ernest Hemingway 

And in 6 words of flash fiction you have a gut wrenching, heart breaking story. 

Stories don’t have to be long to be rich and detailed. Some of the world’s greatest works have come in shorter formats. Like The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, or The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Now THERE is a story about a woman’s steady decent into madness that I have read over and over again.

With this in mind, I have started working on some shorter stories with characters that populate the world in and around Silverlake City. Some stories will be urban fantasy and others are paranormal romance. I’m

Hoping to get a few published and rolled out here while my novel is being finalized. This will be a fun way for me to be able to invite you into Vanessa’s world over the coming months. No, Vanessa Kensley will not be seen in any of these works. She has her own story to tell.

Be sure to check back at the blog over the next few weeks for updates on when the stories will be available.