Hello hello!

As you can imagine things have been crazy as heck around here as we scramble madly to prepare for the release of the second novel in the Vanessa Kensley Series! Since the book will be here in the  blink of an eye, it means it’s time for a COVER REVEAL!

I am so excited for the second book in the Vanessa Kensley series to be coming out, and I hope that you all are as well.

Vanessa Kensley 2 c OTHER SITES


So insead of working on the yet unnamed “Vanessa Kensley Book 2” I have been procrastinating like a wild thing. Because, you know, that’s how some of my best work gets done.

I’m in a bit of limbo right now. Blood and Hunger is still “in the making”, but I’m not allowed to touch it for the next month. And then after it is tweaked it will just sit around doing NOTHING for 3 months while it waits its turn for final edits. That is a ton of time where nothing is happening and I can’t do a single thing about it.

And it’s driving me MAAAAAAD!!!

4 months? FOUR months!? Ugh the publication process takes foreveeeeer.

So what’s a girl to do while she waits for her first print baby to be born? She plans the LAUNCH PARTY!

I’ve been having a great time organizing and designing the swag. I plan on giving away swag bags with the purchase of every book, signed bookmarks and cover flats for everyone that shows up, and signing up for my newsletter will get you an entry into the door prize draw. And if you bought a book you get another entry. Cause you know, perks for the loyal!

I have two different bookmark designs done up. One is the cover of my book, the other is an element of the cover with a quote on it. They will be mini business sized bookmarks that I will attach a tassel to. It’s going to be so cute. And portable!


Now this is all well and good but there needs to be… MORE. And that’s where the after party comes in. Something intimate for just my friends and family where I can shamelessly shake people and scream at the top of my lungs “I did it! I DID IT!” Because you never hear about that. You never get to see the writer completely lose it. Where are all the bad girl authors, running around waving champagne bottles screaming, “I’m published bitches!” Everyone is always so composed. But I want to be able to celebrate this in raw messy honesty. And I want it to go a little something like this…

Breakfast Club rock out!

And then a few bottles of champagne later things are going to get craaaazaaaay!

Tme Warp Baby!



God I love romance novels. The sex, the longing, the fact that the couple usually start out hating the sight of the other person’s face. And if it happens to be set in the Regency era in England or Scotland then just shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!

I was hanging out this morning and thinking about the category selections on Amazon and it just slapped me in the face. “Bitch, I am NOT a romance!”

There is NO way shape or form that I could ever try to list Blood and Hunger under the secondary category of “Romance” without the RWA Pink Fedora Mafia knocking down my door and cussing me out about crimes against the genre.

Then later I was looking at AMAZING pre-made romance ebook covers and thinking, “Wow, maybe I could just knock out a few quick romance ebooks just so that I can use those pretty pretty covers…” And I sat there trying to think up brilliant romance novel ideas and got… Nothing. I got nothing!

And that’s when it struck me. I don’t have a hope in hell of writing either a contemporary or historical romance any time soon. That’s almost all I read! But I can’t write it. What’s up with that?

Sure I can write steam and longing and gentleness. Teasing and sex and passion. But I can’t seem to be able to write a book about nothing BUT that. Where the whole book is about these two getting their crap together. I write romantic elements. And I was really bummed about it for a bit. But then I realized…

That’s totally ok.

I would love to be able to write full on romance novels but maybe my part is to simply be able to mindlessly love them. To devour them like candy and not have to think too hard about it.

I always thought that I might do a second genre under a pen name, and maybe 10 years from now I will. But being an author or a writer does not mean that you have to be able to write everything.

For now I’m a sword swinging, gun toting, round house kicking fantasy writer. And you know what?

I’m cool with that.

So many good things.

First the fabulous news. My charging cords arrived from Amazon a few days ago, yaaay! And they actually work which is a super bonus. Ok, two out of three of them work. One doesn’t even have the right connector on the end but I’m still considering myself ahead of the game here. Sometimes you just have to take your wins where you can get them.

I have taken over the first page of Google! The search term “Stephanie Marks writer” now shows this fabulous website along with my twitter feed all over the first page. And almost more mind blowing to me is that when you Google “Stephanie Marks” my website is on page three of Google. My name is surprisingly almost as common as “John Smith”, so to come up at all in search results let alone so quickly feels like a true accomplishment.

I’m back to editing, which feels absolutely wonderful. I feel so responsible and productive. I’m about half way into this run through and I actually feel like I’m actually getting things done.

Now for the not so cool.

Oh my gawd editing suuuuucks.

I always knew that editing is the “hard” part of writing, but this is ureal. No matter how frustrated you get with the original creation it has nothing on the frustration you feel when doing your edits.

I love my story. But crawling through the pages scrutinizing every sngle word, line and turn of phrase is SO not the fun part.

Thank god for my new found Spotify addiction. Nothing gets you through hours upon hours of editing like a super upbeat soundtrack to keep your energy high. It was hard deciding which song to spotlight for Writer Radio this week but in the end it came down to…

Baauer – “Harlem Shake”

Sorry people. Don’t hate me, but this is happening. Just accept it.

I’m almost ashamed to say it but I’ve never really taken the time to sit down and listen to Adele. I know, I know,  I’m so terribly behind the times on this one. But I have to say that I do completely understand why her music is so loved. She is AMAZING, and I’ve started taking the time to listen to as much of her music as possible.

This is one of those songs that I can’t help belting out at the top of my lungs when it comes on no matter where I am. I can be standing the frozen foods section of the grocery store for all I care, that’s not about to stop me at ALL.

So here I am at 2am and singing my heart out to…

Adele – Rolling in the Deep

I absolutely love villian origin stories. I’m ashamed to say it but I still havn’t gone to see Wicked yet. At this point I’m going to have to find a copy of the broadway show online or something, because the chances of my ever getting to see it live grows markedly more slim every day. Thankfully there’s a new bad girls’ club origin story in town. Maleficent.

I was so excited when I first saw the previews for this movie. There may or may not have been some high pitched screaming and a happy dance involed when Angelina Jolie’s razor sharp cheekbones flashed across the screen. Seriously, you could cut yourself on those things. The votes were in and it was unanimous, Maleficent was going to be the girl’s night out movie of the week. We weren’t disappointed.

Why do I love the origin stories of all the classic Big Bads? Because it turns them into PEOPLE. Complex, messy, really people. When you’re creating a villian it’s so easy to say, “This is the bad guy becuse he’s a bad guy and so likes to make bad things happen.” But when you do that you end up with flat empty charicatures of people. The villians that I’ve always loved the most are the ones where you can’t help but feel a little disgusted about the fact that part of you kind of understands where they are coming from. When they hit close to home and make you really think about your values and ideals and you wonder if you had to go through some of the horrors that they did would you be able to say without a doubt that there is no chance you wouldn’t have taken a similar path.

That’s why I loved this movie so much, it had me rooting for the “villian” the whole time. Heartbreaking, vindicating and utterly satisfying, just the way I like my bad guys. Complex.

The thing that I love most about being a writer is the absolute freedom  of creativity that it allows me. There I am banging away at my keyboard day in and day out when *WHAM* I get smacked upside the head with the unexpected awesomeness that is cover art! I never gave much thought to it before now nor realized just how much fun I would have when it came time to start puting a concept together. Oh how blind I was.

I have become completely addicted to designing my book covers.

There is no feeling like that first rush when you come across a model that looks exactly like how you see your main character in your head. I’ve always heard about how rarely that happens so I’m glad to have lucked out. Months of writing and then *BAM* there she is.

I have finally narrowed down the cover concept that will span the entire Vanessa Kensley series and I can’t wait for them to be put together and share them with you.