I’m so excited! My cover designer sent me the proof for the print cover of Sanguine Moon. As always, she has done such a beautiful job.

With so many people buying ebooks these days, not every author sees the point in releasing books in both mediums, but I love the feeling of holding my books in my hand. It just solidifies everything for me. 

Ebooks are great. You can hold an entire library in your pocket at that’s a magical thing. But to me, nothing will ever beat the printed word. The feel. The smell. The comforting weight. Being surrounded by books just make me feel like everything is right in the world.

Do you have a preference between ebooks and print books? If so, which do you prefer and why?


In the words of Matthew McConaughey, “Alright, alright alriiiiight.”

We’re heading for the end of October which means two things. Thing 1) I’m currently running a $0.99 promo on Blood and Hunger until the end of the month. Why? Because ¬†Urban Fantasy novels and October go together like Halloween candy and my mouth. And Thing 2) Halloween, baby! It’s the time of year when everyone gets their horror movie on. I know that some of you have been marathon watching things like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Paranormal Activity. And to you I say…


Sanguine Moon is now out, yay! So it’s onto book 3. And like the two books before it, it will be filled with all the twists, turns, deception, sex, violence, and “Wait, what?!” that you know in love.

So to get us all pumped and in the mood for all of this October Awesome, I bring you the techno track from the Blade Movie blood rave scene. Happy Monday!

Well, this has certainly be a long time coming! Sanguine Moon, the second book in the Vanessa Kinsley Series, is now out and available for Kindle!

With more murder, romance and betrayal, there is never time to stop and breathe for Vanessa or the rest of the members of the Silverlake City Task Force.

Vanessa Kensley 2 c OTHER SITES

Still reeling from the devastating events earlier that summer, Vanessa and the rest of the Silverlake Task Force once again discover that death and betrayal are never far from their side.
Now, desperate times call for tenuous alliances. With Merrick still in hiding and the murderous renegade vampire faction trying to gain more power, the Task Force must come together with the Silverlake Wolf Pack in order to bring down the Renegades, before the paranormal community erupts into an uncontainable civil war.
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Hello hello!

As you can imagine things have been crazy as heck around here as we scramble madly to prepare for the release of the second novel in the Vanessa Kensley Series! Since the book will be here in the ¬†blink of an eye, it means it’s time for a COVER REVEAL!

I am so excited for the second book in the Vanessa Kensley series to be coming out, and I hope that you all are as well.

Vanessa Kensley 2 c OTHER SITES



Blood and Hunger has a new cover!

It’s almost time for the launch of my upcoming urban fantasy novel, Blood and Hunger. August will be here so soon! Today I saw the cover for the print version of my book, and with it came a slightly altered version of the cover. I love the new look with my name at the top! What do you guys think?

I am a novel writer down to my bones. There is something about the length of them that just speaks to me when I’m writing.  You can just fit in so much. So much detail, huge elaborate plots, twists and turns for days! And then you see something like this…

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.
– Ernest Hemingway 

And in 6 words of flash fiction you have a gut wrenching, heart breaking story. 

Stories don’t have to be long to be rich and detailed. Some of the world’s greatest works have come in shorter formats. Like The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, or The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Now THERE is a story about a woman’s steady decent into madness that I have read over and over again.

With this in mind, I have started working on some shorter stories with characters that populate the world in and around Silverlake City. Some stories will be urban fantasy and others are paranormal romance. I’m

Hoping to get a few published and rolled out here while my novel is being finalized. This will be a fun way for me to be able to invite you into Vanessa’s world over the coming months. No, Vanessa Kensley will not be seen in any of these works. She has her own story to tell.

Be sure to check back at the blog over the next few weeks for updates on when the stories will be available. 

Well if you’ve been sitting around asking yourself, “I wonder what album Stephanie is really into right now?” you’ve obviously not been stopping by my blog enough. Right now I am ALL about Lorde. I just can’t freaking get enough! Her Pure Heroine album is the soundtrack to my life right now and every song on it has been helping me write this book in some way.

For those of you that missed it, right now I’m working on The Vanessa Kensley Series Book 2. And yes, it does have a proper title now, but that won’t be revealed until the official cover reveal later this year.

This song is great, and I was so surprised to hear it on the end credits of Mockingjay Part 1 this past weekend. I feel like Lorde is just EVERYWHERE right now, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. She’s got something for everyone.

Now, since it’s impossible to find a clear album version on YouTube I’m giving you guys this great dubstep version instead.

Lorde – Glory and Gore

*Happy Dance!*

I can’t believe it. I am now only a few months away from the launch of Blood and Hunger!

Unfortunately there has been a bit of an unforeseen delay with my editor that has resulted in this being a fall release instead of a summer one, but sometimes these things happen.

In the mean time, I will be using all of the extra time to finish hammering out Vanessa Kensley Book 2! That’s right, it’s already about 1/3 done, woot. It’s moments like these that make me want to stand on rooftops and scream, “I’m Stephanie Marks, and I’m a writer!”

With this round of edits I really needed a lot of high energy music to keep me flowing, especially for one of the fight scenes I was tweaking. The scene just didn’t want to work for me, but this song on repeat helped me to get the job done.

Curve – Chinese Burn

God I love romance novels. The sex, the longing, the fact that the couple usually start out hating the sight of the other person’s face. And if it happens to be set in the Regency era in England or Scotland then just shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!

I was hanging out this morning and thinking about the category selections on Amazon and it just slapped me in the face. “Bitch, I am NOT a romance!”

There is NO way shape or form that I could ever try to list Blood and Hunger under the secondary category of “Romance” without the RWA Pink Fedora Mafia knocking down my door and cussing me out about crimes against the genre.

Then later I was looking at AMAZING pre-made romance ebook covers and thinking, “Wow, maybe I could just knock out a few quick romance ebooks just so that I can use those pretty pretty covers…” And I sat there trying to think up brilliant romance novel ideas and got… Nothing. I got nothing!

And that’s when it struck me. I don’t have a hope in hell of writing either a contemporary or historical romance any time soon. That’s almost all I read! But I can’t write it. What’s up with that?

Sure I can write steam and longing and gentleness. Teasing and sex and passion. But I can’t seem to be able to write a book about nothing BUT that. Where the whole book is about these two getting their crap together. I write romantic elements. And I was really bummed about it for a bit. But then I realized…

That’s totally ok.

I would love to be able to write full on romance novels but maybe my part is to simply be able to mindlessly love them. To devour them like candy and not have to think too hard about it.

I always thought that I might do a second genre under a pen name, and maybe 10 years from now I will. But being an author or a writer does not mean that you have to be able to write everything.

For now I’m a sword swinging, gun toting, round house kicking fantasy writer. And you know what?

I’m cool with that.

Ahh, winter in Canada. Is there anything more painfully complex than the feeling that washes over you as you look out your frosty window onto the snow covered tundra and admire it’s glittering beauty… until exactly 0.036 seconds later you realize that you’re expected to leave your cozy house and actually go OUT in that!? Haha! Not if you paid me suckas. There’s got to be a good three feet of snow out there. Not on your LIFE!

This poor blog has been feeling a bit neglected as I got down to the serious business of hacking and slashing my manuscript, but it will all be worth that stabbing pain of abandonment.

People tried to warn me that the editing was the hard part, but did I listen? No, no I did not.