Ok I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a huge fan of Kanye West. His arrogance just rubs me the wrong way. But there is no denying that the man has achieved some amazing things. And that lack of self doubt, that confidence that verges on delusion is a trait that has propelled MANY men and women to unbelievable heights of greatness throughout history. Maybe it is that attitude that shields them from seeing the road blocks in a way. And because they can’t see them they can’t be stopped by them. Their unwavering belief in themselves propels them forward and forces them to find a solution to any obstacle because for them there is simply no other alternative.

So ¬†while Kanye’s arrogance may make many of us want to give him a right good smack round the head, maybe it is also a large factor in why he has been able to achieve all the great things that he has achieved. Self-confidence opens doors. There is simply no denying that. People in general are drawn to confident people. And the more confident you feel the more you inspire confidence in others. The more you make people want to take a chance on you.

This song by the Chainsmokers came up on one of my Spotify playlists a few weeks ago and no matter what I think of the man that inspired this song, I can in no way deny that the spirit of the anthem is spot on. It is completely spot on. Because that’s the way I and I’m sure many others want to live our lives. We want to be in control and believe in ourselves and achieve great things. To let nothing stand in our way. And to that extend, even I have to stand up and say that yes, “I want to be like Kanye”.

*Happy Dance!*

I can’t believe it. I am now only a few months away from the launch of Blood and Hunger!

Unfortunately there has been a bit of an unforeseen delay with my editor that has resulted in this being a fall release instead of a summer one, but sometimes these things happen.

In the mean time, I will be using all of the extra time to finish hammering out Vanessa Kensley Book 2! That’s right, it’s already about 1/3 done, woot. It’s moments like these that make me want to stand on rooftops and scream, “I’m Stephanie Marks, and I’m a writer!”

With this round of edits I really needed a lot of high energy music to keep me flowing, especially for one of the fight scenes I was tweaking. The scene just didn’t want to work for me, but this song on repeat helped me to get the job done.

Curve – Chinese Burn