With all the changes at Amazon that has happened lately, Imy Santiago is one writer/reviewer that has really hit the nail on the head with her thoughts about Amazon’s new review policies. Amazon has always had a Big Brother style of invasive information gathering, but when they can sit there and claim to know who you know, well that just takes scary and invasive to a whole new level.

Since the months of May-July are all about The Clan MacGregor series around here, I’ve decided to call it #HighlanderSeason. Over the next two months we are going to enjoy all of the fun and fine flavors that Scotland has to offer. 

And yes, I do mean that we are going to be checking out a lot of hot guys.

This week I bring you, Hot Guys in Kilts! Every day I will be posting a picture of, well, a hot guy in a kilt! Enjoy!


I’ve been really trying to push through this week and for myself as an author that means finding the perfect beat and cranking up the stereo.

Today I’m bringing you another track by Lorde. Her style just fits seamlessly into where I am in this book. It was a great backdrop for my giving the reader more of Vanessa’s back story.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Lorde – Tennis Court…

Ahh, winter in Canada. Is there anything more painfully complex than the feeling that washes over you as you look out your frosty window onto the snow covered tundra and admire it’s glittering beauty… until exactly 0.036 seconds later you realize that you’re expected to leave your cozy house and actually go OUT in that!? Haha! Not if you paid me suckas. There’s got to be a good three feet of snow out there. Not on your LIFE!

This poor blog has been feeling a bit neglected as I got down to the serious business of hacking and slashing my manuscript, but it will all be worth that stabbing pain of abandonment.

People tried to warn me that the editing was the hard part, but did I listen? No, no I did not.

I’ve been promising it and it’s finally here, the finalized cover for Blood and Hunger. Much love goes out to designer Melody Simmons of Ebook Indie Covers who took my concept and brought it to life beautifully. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Melody, I can’t thank you enough.

( Click on the picture to enlarge the image. )

Blood and Hunger 4x copy

When I first started writing this book I had one heck of a hard time trying to figure out what genre it belongs in. At first I was sure that it was paranormal romance, you know: Kick ass girl meets hard nosed guy and they become attracted and then, oh look, it’s Dashing-Man! Bring on the love triangle! Smelled like a paranormal romance to me. But the more I wrote the more the story began to evolve in ways I never saw coming and that still continue to surprise me.

“Blood and Hunger” is becoming a much heavier story than I ever anticipated. Pain, loss, violence, fear, it’s all there. The one thing that I truly believe is that just because something is “fantasy fiction” it doen’t mean that it can’t be “real”.

I recognized that this story was truly urban fantasy when I realized that the story isn’t about the main charaters’ romantic relationship. “But Vanessa’s a succubus!” you cry, “Isn’t the story all about sex?”

Well no actually, it’s not.

Is there sex in it? Yes. Is there a love interest? Yes. But if you take out the story line of “boy meets girl” the rest of the book can stand on it’s own. And that’s why this book is not a paranormal romance.  Because this book isn’t just about THEM, it’s about EVERYTHING. It’s bigger than them. There is much more  important things going on in their world than if these people end up happily ever after.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course that’s a wonderful part of it. That’s pretty much my favorite part of ANY book. I’m the first one to start screaming “Just kiss her already!” at anything I read. But it’s also nice to know that if I happen to pull a Joss Whedon one night and kill off a beloved main character just because I can the show will go on.

And that’s what makes urban fantasy so exciting. The fact that literally ANYTHING can happen.

The thing that I love most about being a writer is the absolute freedom  of creativity that it allows me. There I am banging away at my keyboard day in and day out when *WHAM* I get smacked upside the head with the unexpected awesomeness that is cover art! I never gave much thought to it before now nor realized just how much fun I would have when it came time to start puting a concept together. Oh how blind I was.

I have become completely addicted to designing my book covers.

There is no feeling like that first rush when you come across a model that looks exactly like how you see your main character in your head. I’ve always heard about how rarely that happens so I’m glad to have lucked out. Months of writing and then *BAM* there she is.

I have finally narrowed down the cover concept that will span the entire Vanessa Kensley series and I can’t wait for them to be put together and share them with you.