When you spend your nights chasing down psychopathic vampires it’s really important to keep fit. Vampires = vampire strength, and if you aren’t making sure to you hit those weights, you = vampire snack.

A killer workout calls for killer workout music, something high energy and motivating to keep you pushing through the pain even when all you want to do is cry, pass out and soothe your shattered ego with a pint of rocky road icecream. Or is that just me?

This is a song that I’ve come back to over the years time and again to get me pumped. Throwing punches, doing crunches or just pushing through writer’s block, this song makes it physically impossible for me to quit. So you KNOW Vanessa has this song somewhere on her iPod too.

Drowning Pool – “Bodies”

2 thoughts on “Writer Radio: Drowning Pool – Bodies

  1. My vampire, Suzie, loves dancing Cumbia (Colombian alternative to Salsa) and my own music collection expanded considerably while writing her story. A little ironic perhaps that I listened to Dire Straits mostly while writing, but DS never get a mention in the novel.

    • I listen to pretty much everything when I’m writing, it all depends on my general mood or the hightened mood of specific scenes. I don’t think that I’ve listened to any Dire Straits though. I’ll have to give them a listen.

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