Writer Radio: Curve – Chinese Burn

*Happy Dance!*

I can’t believe it. I am now only a few months away from the launch of Blood and Hunger!

Unfortunately there has been a bit of an unforeseen delay with my editor that has resulted in this being a fall release instead of a summer one, but sometimes these things happen.

In the mean time, I will be using all of the extra time to finish hammering out Vanessa Kensley Book 2! That’s right, it’s already about 1/3 done, woot. It’s moments like these that make me want to stand on rooftops and scream, “I’m Stephanie Marks, and I’m a writer!”

With this round of edits I really needed a lot of high energy music to keep me flowing, especially for one of the fight scenes I was tweaking. The scene just didn’t want to work for me, but this song on repeat helped me to get the job done.

Curve – Chinese Burn


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