Well today I’m working on a story that I completely misjudged the length on, and it’s easily turning out to be double the length I thought it would. Yup, Hunting Crimson is a needy needy story, demanding all of my attention and refusing to let me get any other work done.

But as I typed away there was one song that was able to get me to ignore my keyboard and pick up my hairbrush microphone.

So here is Tove Lo – (Habits) Stay High


The latest release in the Billionaire Bad Boys short story series has gone live on Amazon for Kindle! Taming Wolfe is the forth story in the erotic romance series under the Bella Davis pen name.


When Meghan agreed to break the company rules and secretly cover her roommate’s shift cleaning the apartment of a billionaire client, she never expected to be caught in the act.
Confident, powerful and determined, Anthony Wolfe is like no man Meghan has ever met before, but she has no desire to be just another billionaire perk.
Now, high above the city, she must decide if she can walk away from the sexiest man she has ever met, or if she wants to take the risk and try to tame Wolfe.


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This week on “Author Updates”, fabulous news!!

So yesterday I got a fantastic surprise when Hidden Falls landed on two Amazon Top 100 lists. *Happy Dance*

For “Under 45 Minute Read Short Stories” I hit….

#16 Science Fiction and Fantasy, and #86 Romance

There was of course much revelry and celebrating in the Stephanie Marks household. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a screenshot of it at the time *face palm*

This morning Hidden Falls was sitting at #23 Science Fiction and Fantasy when I went to snap a pic, but I’m still THRILLED, Top 25 baby!! 

So a huge thank you to everyone that helped make this achievement possible.


I love this song. It’s super simple and I was listening to it after I got some amazing news and was drinking wine, so strangely enough the song felt kind of… happy to me when I first heard it. Which I have to admit must have been due to circumstances above all. But I still want to share it with you.

Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This

This is a continuation of the Writer Radio “Real Thuggin” series.

Yes, I can hear you yelling, “Stephanie, what kind of convoluted play lists do you listen to!?”

Sometimes when I’m writing the most efficient way for me to get through my word count is with great hip hop beats.  They just keep me energized like mad.

Ace Hood – Bugatti

I thought long and hard before claiming the Bella Davis pen name and adding it to this site. I worried about the effect it might have to keep two completely different genres under one roof .

Pen names can be such a touchy subject with writers. Should you or should you not have one? When is having one warranted? Should you keep each pen name separate with their own individual websites? There are so many questions to be answered. 

In the end I decided that the Stephanie Marks and Bella Davis names should live here together because, I just don’t have enough to say to warrant two sites. I love this blog, and I don’t want to splinter it just to keep a second website going.

This has become my home on the web, and for now, when it comes to my writing, all roads will converge here. 


Hidden Falls, the first short story in the Silverlake City Stories collection will be available for Amazon Kindle this week. I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving that cover.

About the Book:

All that Seline Michaelson needed was some time to get away from the city to clear her head. Staying with her cousin, she never expected to meet a man that could make her forget about her ex-boyfriend, until she met James.

But what started off as a simple vacation in the small mountain town of Hidden Falls, quickly became a lesson that would put everything she thought she knew about the world to the test. Because everything seems to grow bigger in the mountains, especially the wolves.



Look up, look waaaaay up. Some of you may have noticed that there’s something funny looking about my page links. Who’s this Bella Davis woman and what is she doing taking up room on our beloved website??

Well, surprise! I’ve officially gone rogue. Sneaking around like a ninja and writing short stories in contemporary erotic romance (which will also be referred to as ‘erom’) while you weren’t looking. These stories have some graphic scenes and are definitely indended for a mature audience.

The first two books in the Billionaire Bad Boys series, Chasing Steele and Running Wilde are available on Amazon Kindle, and the third, Teasing Payne, will be available soon. Check out the series page in the Bella Davis Books drop down menu for more information on the stories. While you’re here, don’t forget to sign up for the BELLA DAVIS NEWSLETTER to get FREE excusive content.


The first of the Silverlake City short stories, Hidden Falls, is almost complete and will also be available soon, yay! Look for the cover reveal later this week. I love a good cover reveal, don’t you?