Hello to my male readers!


Now, on my blog I have a tendency to assume that my readers are women. Don’t get me wrong, I know that guys read romance as well, and that’s AWESOME. I believe that more guys should read romance, or at least admit to us that they do so we know they are out there and we can share our favorite books with them. But my first assumption is always that I’m speaking to other women on this blog…

Well wasn’t I just shown how wrong I was today!  Today I stumbled across a couple of male readers! Yaaaaaay! And  I figure, where there are two maybe there are more. 

So I wanted to extend a special “Hiya!” to all of the guys out there that are reading my books. You guys rock! 

Welcome to Silverlake City! 


2 thoughts on “Hello to my male readers!

  1. Love the latest book in Clan MacGregor! Not to be too greedy but…..when is the next in the series coming out?
    Have a wonderful Labor Day and thank you for some entertaining reading!

    1. Hi Michelle! Did you just finish reading Taken or Craved? Craved by the Highland Wolf is the final book in the Clan MacGregor series and was published 2 days ago. Yaaaay! But never fear! A brand new series is coming out featuring other members of the Clan MacGregor. So be sure to sign up for my wish list to get instant notice whenever there is a new release. The new series is called “Wolves of the Mist”.

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