Say what now…?

I know, Shadow Babies, I know. I have no doubt that this one is going to throw people for a bit of a loop. At first glance it’s hard to see how a Tay Tay song fits into an urban fantasy writing background, but bear with me here.

First off, this song has a killer beat. Actually, I haven’t been using it for scene writing at all, I’ve had it cranked for all of the insane admin I’ve been doing lately!
A quick glance around the site will tell you that changes, they are a comin’! Over the last couple of months I’ve been handling a new book release, a website redesign as well as transferring to a brand new web host, a newsletter overhaul and some huge upcoming goodies that you guys are (hopefully) going to go crazy for. Shhhhh… spoilers.

And secondly, I can totally picture Vanessa getting drunk on red wine and singing this song into her hairbrush microphone when she’s home alone, lol.

…Ok, maybe that’s just me. I did that. No shame.

So here it is, to get you pumped for the week ahead…

Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?


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