As the doted upon daughter of the chief of Clan Gordon, Glenna had always been comforted by the knowledge that when it came time for her to wed she would be allowed to make a love match. But that was before word spread throughout the highlands that the savage and bloodthirsty clan chief, Alastair MacGregor, was on the move.

Shrouded in myth and cloaked in whispers, it was said that Alastair MacGregor was the devil himself. What else could explain the giant unnatural wolves at his command?

Now, betrayed by those closest to her, Glenna has found herself at The MacGregor’s mercy. But as she uncovers the startling truth behind the legends, she finds herself battling an emotion more powerful than fear… Love


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11 thoughts on “THE CLAN MACGREGOR

    1. Hi Cyn! So far only the first book, “Claimed by the Highland Wolf”, is available.
      Book 2, “Taken by the Highland Wolf”, will be available on June 14th, a week and and a half from now.
      Book 3, “Craved by the Highland Wolf”, will be available the middle of July.
      They will all be available on Amazon. Once the series is complete they will also be released in paper. I hope you enjoy them!
      Here is the link for the first book.

      1. I truly enjoyed clan MacGregor series.. Will there be more books to this series? I wish each book was longer, I could read these books for hours 😘 please, please keep this series going. Thank you! So glad I found a author I fully enjoy! Looking forward to book 4.
        New devoted fan
        Diane in Milwaukie, Oregon

  1. please please please book 3 soon!!!! Cant wait to read the final installment!!!! great series!!!!!!

  2. I really love the new take on historical romance!! When are you expecting to release more books in this series?

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